The reason why you should use eye cream.

The reason why you should use eye cream.

Is an eye cream a must in my skincare routine?

One short answer: yes! The skin around our eyes is the thinnest and most sensitive skin on the face, it contains almost no sebaceous glands or supporting fatty tissue. This means that the skin reacts more strongly here to external environmental influences: dry air, sunlight as well as lack of sleep and unhealthy food. The result? You get wrinkles, crow's feet, skin discolouration and dryness more quickly. So an eye cream is certainly not superfluous! The eye cream makes sure that the delicate skin under your eyes stays well hydrated and that wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness and dark circles are counteracted.

How to apply an eye cream correctly?

Because the skin under your eyes is so fragile, it is important that you apply the eye cream carefully. Dab the cream onto the skin under your eyes and gently tap the product into the skin with your ring finger. Do not pull or rub the sensitive skin as this will only damage it. Stay away from the lash line to avoid irritating your eyes. I can already hear you thinking: "But should I apply the eye cream after or before my day/night cream?" The answer is quite simple: it doesn't matter, because with a day/night cream you should avoid the eye area anyway.

Tip: If you see your skin moving, you are probably doing it wrong and should apply it more calmly so that it does not damage your skin.

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